Supply Chain and Field Service Solutions

There is an array of enterprise mobility solutions in the market to make supply chaing and field service management more intuitive, efficient, accurate, and cost effective. Taking your needs and challenges into account, Ambertek Solutions will deploy configured and customized off the shelf software, as well as custom developed applications tailored to your business environment. In addition, Ambertek’s experts will ensure compatibility with hardware and existing solutions, as well as guide you through installation, integration and deployment.

Choosing the Right Software for Your Application

Ambertek Solutions offers a complete suite of field and supply chain management solutions to ‘brick and mortar’ environments such as retail stores or warehouses, but also on the field to automate workers and to have real-time access to information and to facilitate two-way communication. Within warehouse environments, Ambertek’s solutions are designed to automate receiving, shipping, picking/packing, inventory management, and overall operations – including yard and docking management. In the field, Ambertek delivers and manages a variety of platforms, including route accounting, direct store delivery (DSD), proof of delivery (POD), and remote asset managment tools.

Customers also have the ability to select software that provides specific functionality such as online ordering portals that make it easy for your customers to make purchases, barcode or RFID solutions that help you track assets, manage inventory, and mobility solutions that lower labor costs and improve overall operations.